Updated 75% after 2 weeks of my readers are for a 1 day US and Canada strike and the poll just started

UPDATE: (4/30/08): I took the poll down after 3 weeks, as it was just hanging there for a while and I wanted to set up a new one, heres the results:


Heres the original Post, keep it in your mind, speak about it to others, we'll get the ball rolling if theres enough people who are interested in showing "them" who's boss.


Why a 1 days strike? Whats the reasoning?

A one day strike on what we can all agree on, they all have sold out the dream to do better for our children, to live a peaceful and private life, to one day be able to afford to retire and have enough to survive.

A one day strike where people of all jobs and backgrounds can unite together and say "We are not going to take it anymore"

A one days strike against taxable labor, taxable products and the damn TV. Fuck them and the brainwash machine. Say it with me, say it out loud "Fuck them and their "ask your doctor for ad's that we pay for with every prescription we buy"

A one days strike against the bureaucracy that is our governments handing our futures over to a select few corporations. Allowing the thought of "Free Trade" with the likes of Columbia who kills people who try to organize. "I don't want a Columbian Free Trade Agreement, I count"

A one day strike against the constricting noose around the necks of those whose labor made their corporations what they are today, while the government bails out mismanaged banks and airlines with our money, who's only claim to fame is how badly they have fucked our workers and citizens. Say it "Corporate responsibility, not corporate welfare"

A one day strike before there is a need for a revolution, a strike against the misinformed idea that there is nothing we can do about it. We can, we can stand together. Say it "Together we can change the world"

A one day strike against the 2 party system that bogs itself into partisan politics, like a sideshow, never accomplishing anything for us, but always making sure the corporations get everything on a silver platter.

A 1 day strike against the profiteers of the slave class and our government for allowing it.

A 1 day strike against the corporations who are killing the the good North American jobs and our kids with poisonous products.

A 1 day strike against the oil industry who has decided that we are going to pay 3 times as much as a few years back.

A one day strike where we can be with our families and friends and having a chance to enjoy what is really important, a life with dignity.

We will be heard, we will be united.

Spread the word.

sounds good? vote in your answer at the left.

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Unknown said...

A one day strike in the US and Canada would be a revolution. I'm in!

bendygirl said...

okay, how?

And since you aren't a union, then there's no reason you can't call for this. But let's also call it right, this is a one day general strike.

Now, how do we do it?

Joe638NYC said...

God, thats actually what I would want to avoid. People die in Revolutions. I would rather see something done before it gets to that stage. A lot of people at work keep talking about a Revolution. Maybe if I was a bit younger and had a stockpile of weapons.

Of course we would still need firemen, medics, doctors and police.

Even one day of buying nothing would be a major statement.

bendygirl said...

ILWU is calling for a 1 day strike. It's against the war, but why not do the same sort of thing?


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