Which stores get tainted meat? USDA should tell you!

Not in my Food

Recalled beef?Which stores get tainted meat? USDA should tell you!

Last week the USDA announced the largest recall of beef in the nation's history--143 million pounds. A significant number of "downer" cows--cows too sick to stand--had been processed into beef, despite USDA rules forbidding this. A substantial portion of the recalled beef was distributed to schools for school lunches.

Meat from sick cows should not be eaten because it is more likely to contain harmful bacteria or transmittable disease. Is that meat in your refrigerator? Was it delivered to your child's school? Finding that out isn't easy. USDA knows, but it won't tell you.

Tell the Secretary of Agriculture to disclose the stores and schools that received the recalled meat immediately. USDA should inform the public immediately about all retail stores and institutions involved in meat recalls!

Stand up and sign the E-Active campaign and let the Secretary of Agriculture know that this isn't acceptable.

This campaign is brought to you by the non-profit group Consumers Union, the people who independently publish Consumer Reports, just click the link below to get started

Not in my Food

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