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Couple of quick updates for you guys and gals. I got a hold of a few domain names on the net, so now it will be easier to navigate to this blog. Here they are:
As of now any one of those URL's will get you to the main Blog. So chose to tell your friends whichever is easiest, I especially like Alternate Point Of View.com.

Some of you may also have noticed that I have set up Google Ad's around the site, I'm not gonna try to control the content, even if there are a bunch of Berman sites. It's good for you to check the enemies sites too. Unfortunately according to Google I cannot click the advertisers or I will get banned. I have yet to see if I can get any revenue from them. So far I have accumulated $1.27 in the past month. Thats why you may have also noticed the new donate button at the top of the left hand side. With a disclaimer as to what I need money for. I would definitely like to see the site get bigger and better.

I state up in the donate field, I would like to see a message board, that shouldn't be too difficult, would need to get a host for it if it wasn't included, but the hugest undertaking would be to get an E-Active e-mailing campaign that works with our sites. We can then get our users who dislike how companies and politicians are handling issues to send direct e-mails calling for action and/or expressing our unified concern.

Underneath the Donate button is my new e-mail address to contact me if you have any questions, you would like to be a writing contributer, or see anything that needs correcting or should be reported on. Any and all help is appreciated. The more contributers the better. Even if they only want to contribute to one of the sites. You can find more information about the UnionReview group of sites at:
A word about Online Union Activist's

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