Union members and community supporters stand in solidarity outside Verizon, who disgraced veteran Terry Skiest US flag

Heres an update to a recent story about a returning veteran, Terry Skiest, who after 3 tours returned to his Verizon business office to find that the flags which he so proudly displayed and donated to the office space in which he worked was removed by management citing the USA flag could be "offensive" and used as "propaganda". Heres the original story:
Verizon terrified of union organizing fliers, takes down US vet's flag as "offensive and propaganda"

It seems that the solidarity shown across the country by Verizon workers is everywhere, even when you see someone with a flag on his outfit working in the streets of NYC, theres a good chance he/she is doing it for Terry. I also have gotten an update from Rand Wilson, communications coordinator in the Center for Strategic Research, AFL-CIO Organizing Department.
About 20 Verizon workers from across Massachusetts braved a snow storm and traveled to Terry’s office in Acton, MA on Friday, Feb. 22 to show their support for his right to display the American and Massachusetts flags outside his cubicle at work.

Pictures from the Feb. 22 rally and of other people showing their support for Terry are at: Picasaweb

Also on Feb. 22, thousands of Verizon workers across the country wore American flag stickers and decorated their cubicles and vehicles with flags to show their solidarity and outrage about VZB’s policy.
I've done my best to bring some of Picassaweb's goodness here to Joe's Union Review:
Rally to support Terry Skiest
31 Nagog Park, Acton, MA 01720
Photos: 39 - 9 MB
Feb 22, 2008

Verizon union members along with several community supporters rallied with a 30 foot flag at a small Verizon Business facility to support Terry Skiest who has been trying to get management to return his flags to the outside of his cubicle in Acton, MA. Don’t miss the 3-minute video where Terry tells the story about management’s disrespect for his flags at: www.putuptheflag.org

Another recent story of interest, showing what a good corporate neighbor Verizon is can be found at: Claiming ignorance, Verizon tolerated illegal alien work force through a subcontractor

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