A Striking writers point of view of Directors deal, not so optimistic

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Writers Strike - Day 77


a (*unknown) writer's perspective

I know this isn’t what anybody wants to hear, but…

The DGA deal is not a sign that the writers strike is close to ending.

Over the last few days, you might have heard a lot of people speculating with giddy glee that the WGA and the AMPTP have entered the endgame. You might have heard industry insiders talking about how the DGA deal is revolutionary and groundbreaking – setting historical precedents in the areas of new media, electronic sell-through, and internet jurisdiction. You might have heard people saying that writers are insane if they don’t accept the terms that the directors have agreed to.

You might have also noticed that the WGA hasn’t issued an official comment on the DGA deal other than “the terms of the deal will be carefully analyzed”. The Guild is being smart by trying to slow this down. I believe that when the WGA finally comments, what they have to say is going to be very unpopular.

It is going to be a reality check. (And it’s always controversial when the WGA gets into areas of reality.)

Not to say that the DGA deal is all bad. It brings up closer to the end of the strike in that same way that every day that passes brings us closer to the end of the strike.

The bigger news this week is really the fact that the AMPTP has agreed to resume “informal” negotiations. And I suppose, in a sense, the DGA deal had to get done before the producers would turn their attention back to us.

Given the way negotiating has gone so far, the skeptic in me is worried that this could be another ploy to break our spirits. It’s Union-Breaking 101, and for most of the strike, the producers have attempted to play on our emotions by leaking stories to Nikki Finke over at Deadline Hollywood Daily. Unfortunately for them, earlier this week, Nikki Finke announced she was taking a break, so maybe they had to do something more drastic to screw with us. Get the writers excited that a resolution could be around the corner, then walk out of negotiations again, making us feel like the strike will never end.

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