Why all the Anti-Union sentiment?

The comment's from responders to a story about a picket line and rat at a new shopping mall in the suburbs of Philadelphia got me churning, are they believers of the make believe Rick Berman anti-union websites, workers who were screwed over by a union in the past or are they truly so ignorant to believe in the venom they spew? Whatever the case I chose to ask for them to read facts, see an opposable view and to contribute their thoughts to UnionReview.com.

While most of Mr.McHale's article focused on both sides of the story, heres what most of the comments were like:

" Nobody Should Be Forced Into Hiring Union Labor. The Only Thing The Union Bosses Are Concerned About Is Themselves Making Sure They Get Their Dues From The Union Worker"

"dont insult the readers intelligence by making it sound like all the union is doing is looking out for the " little guy". That was the ideal at the inception of unions many years ago.That no longer is true for unions, you dont think all that " protection and caring" is free do you? Spin it anyway you like ....its all just bussiness. Dont blame everyone else for union greed."

"Unions serve a purpose but in my experience they also encourage poor work standards."

"(unions)are forceing companines out of busness and driving up the cost of living on the old &disabled on a fixed income"

"I have a hard time showing pitty when I commonly see 20 union guys standing around 1 guy working each making $50+ an hour....Its funny because even when the union "protests" they do it half @ss....I see them with a little sign you can't read, sitting around a cooler with thier feet up EXPECTING to get paid. He who works hardest will win..."

Whats going on, wheres facts, are these the nonunion contractor's owner and a few friends stirring the shit on the website? Or is the Anti-Union sentiment in this country so high that people will actually go out of their way to spew such venomous commentary? Well I did what Joe does best, confront allegations with fact based commentary and invite em to learn.

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Anonymous said...

The strong anti-union sentiment in this country is driven mostly by shortsighted, narowly focused people as well as those with anti-worker agenda's.
Unions, however, have not done much on their own behalf until recently.
The fall of the middle class is a undeniable problem in this country and it will lead to the rise of unions again. Unions are simply Workers for Workers.

Anonymous said...

I've been union for thirty years. When I started my own union business I became the "enemy". We pay our guys and gals above union scale, bonuses, and paid time off not in the contract and have actually been called on the carpet for it. Seems the union doesn't like that because it's not fair to the employees who have not received bonuses or those higher than union scale wages. Huh????

The unions goal seems to be creating distrust between employee and employer at all costs in order to remain relevant.

I am completely disollusioned with the union now and doubt that will ever change. It appears I was blind all those years and now see the union as trouble makers and slackers bent on turning our proud nation into another failed socialist state where nobody is expected to excel and everybody is entitled to the same wages regardless whether are a lazy piece of crap or an exceptional craftsman.

Just sayin......

Impressed with your public schools?????

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