NY Congressman Vito Fossella replies to Big Media consolidation ruling and I ask for more consideration.

After writing "Now Big Media can hurt workers better" and spreading it as far across the net as I possibly could, I took further action via E-Activist e-mail against the FCC's Dec.18th. vote to overturn the 32 year old rule which declared that one entity cannot own both a print and broadcast outlet in the same media market. It was the Freepress form e-mail that can be found here, please send it if you haven't already done so. Well I got a response from my Congressman Vito J. Fossella(R-NY), I guess send a form e-mail get one back is to be expected. But I thought that maybe we can get him to consider the consequences to the side to which he has chosen to stand. Please understand I don't agree with everything he stands for, as with most if not all politicians.

But this is really important, what might get him to actually read my e-mail, and think his position out further? Mr.Fossella has been working hard in my hometown fighting to keep my closest emergency room open. Why haven't you all heard about the public hospital in the New York City's most populated county? I can't answer that, but I'm sure most of America can tell you when American Idol is about to start. But thats neither here nor there, I actually have wanted to get involved in the hospital crisis, especially for the fact that I personally have been treated there and have known local people who have worked there. The next Emergency Room is miles away and in a city that timing can be life or death. So I wrote an e-mail offering my help and begging him to reconsider his stance on this media consolidation issue. Whatever the outcome I would like to get involved.

Hopefully it will get read, the issues addressed will be thought over and I will wind up with a truly great story about the congressman who reconsidered his stance against the FCC ruling and the tools I need to help in the mission to rescue our local hospital's ER. Am I an optimist, you betcha. On the day after the New Hampshire Republican Party announced Saturday that it was withdrawing as a partner of Sunday’s primary debate on FOX because of the exclusion of Ron Paul and Duncan Hunter, thus solidifying that everyone is agreeing that Big Media is overstepping it's boundaries. I am energized that we have found a common ground and believe this to be a stepping stone for all American's to grow on. Go hit that link people and tell them how important a message that sends. Not to mention yesterdays announcement by the Screen Actors Guild of the "unanimous agreement" to not cross the striking writers picket lines at the Golden Globe Awards in a tremendous show of solidarity, I feel we the people can reverse the medias separation of our people and together we can change the world.

Read the entire Blog Post and all e-mails here at FreePress


Anonymous said...

Fossella has among the worst labor records of any member of Congress. The hospital is closing because of years of neglect by Fossella. Support Steve Harrison against Fossella. Harrison, who announced his 08 candidacy in August, came closer to defeating Fossella in 06 than any of his previous opponents.

Joe638NYC said...

I completely agree with you, but I want to see his response to my e-mail. I couldn't send him an e-mail saying "hey, I think your a jackass but reconsider your opinion", going more with a "Bee's with honey" approach. If I don't get a proper response I can turn out to be quite a bear.

Joe638NYC said...

Edited the main post, removed the word "respect"

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