Getting noticed, possibly making a difference.

It's nice to get noticed, especially by The Wall Street Journal, with the story "Remember, when Penn Station is shut down- Blame Amtrak, not the union workers", a preemptive retort to the main stream media response to Penn Station being closed and the Amtrak workers being on strike. Fortunately I think they will settle without going through all that, maybe Amtrak read my blog post. One can only hope. When facts outweigh conjecture, justice will surely prevail.

To the people answering the poll that the blogs confusing, please post a comment here and let me know exactly what the confusion is, I'd really like to make it easy for everyone, maybe I can start another blog with just the content and no sidebar. Let me know, all suggestions will be considered.

Today I got called a Liberal, which I guess is as repulsive as the last guy who called me a Republican, or the boo's and hisses when I spoke about how the lack of communication with non-English speakers works in favor of the bosses (it's hard to explain what the normal rate of pay is to someone who doesn't speak your language is), which people misconstrued my meaning and deemed me a racists. To all you jerks that don't understand what someone says and just consider him the opposite of what you think you are, or tell yourself you should be. A heavy fisted Brooklyn salute to you.

My fight is for the middle class American worker and the dream which we can still call reality. Most importantly to my heart is that my trade which my forefathers fought over the past 100 years to make it what it is today, remains intact for the longest duration and my brothers and sisters in my local union can survive with a decent quality of life. The only way to make certain of that is to fight together with other unions and workers to raise the bar of the ever downward spiral that is the lifestyle of the middle class American worker. To reverse the current war on the worker.

Remember kids, if there is only one union, there is nothing. An injury to one is an injury to all. United we stand, divided we beg. Yeah it sounds good, but who bothers. Do you?

With these man made tags as to what we are supposed to be, Republican, Democrat, Liberal, Conservative, and all the subdivisions, black, white, Puerto Rican, Jew, Christian, fat, ugly, jock, nerd, jets fan, dolphins fan, Italian, Irish, is it any wonder why we are so divided as union members, workers and as Americans. When will we learn that we are all just people who want to live the American dream, to put food on the table, make opportunities we didn't have be available for our children, to get home in one piece after a days work, to have the ability to receive health care that doesn't make us broke, and to have the security of knowing that one day we and our beloved can retire and have a few years with enough income to live comfortably. That American dream is harder than ever to achieve, is it possible that our own divisions are to blame?

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