Getting killed at a Wal-Mart construction site and using undocumented workers isn't a new thing

This is additional info for my story:A nonunion construction worker dies and another seriously injured while building a new Wal-Mart in Omaha note it's a bit mish-moshed as I have to run

I stand corrected on one point, according to KPTM (who's story is now unavailable, damn it was working yesterday when I first posted this information) only one of the workers, the survivor, is a citizen of Mexico.
Police say 34-year-old Jose Sanchez of Texas died and 21-year-old Luis Alejuandro Azeona Rocha of Mexico was critically injured, when the ironworkers fell onto some metal around noon Sunday. "According to our report and our tape measure it was 25 feet," said Scott Fowler of Graham Construction. Graham Construction is building the store, but the two injured men were subcontractors for a Texas-based company. "They target Wal-Marts and go from state to state," Fowler said. Investigators from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration spent Monday looking for any hazardous conditions that may have contributed to the accident. But Graham's district manager says both construction companies have above average safety records. "It's a risky business, but yet we mitigate risks and we have plans to avoid risks and we have to review and make sure everything is right," Fowler said. Fowler says grief counselors are available to meet with coworkers of the two men. Their employer, D&BR Building Systems, isn't commenting.

Is Luis Alejuandro Azeona Rocha of Mexico here legally here to work? I don't see how if there are plenty of good American citizens who would like to be IronWorkers. Has the US employee pool in this particular field runs dry? I wonder how many more of their workers are Mexican citizens? As far as I know, Visa's are for highly skilled professionals and seasonal workers, and only when the demand cannot be met with US citizens and when there is a need for them.

It has also been learned that getting killed at a Wal-Mart construction site isn't a new item:
(2006) Family Sues over Wal-Mart Construction Accident Death

And I have learned that Wal-Mart and their construction sites have had immigration problems in the past according to Litwin and Associates:

(2006) Following raids at 61 Wal-Mart stores several years ago that netted arrests of about 250 undocumented workers on cleaning crews, a new raid at a Pennsylvania Wal-Mart construction site resulted in about 125 arrests for alleged immigration law violations. Wal-Mart said the employees were working for a subcontractor, and denied that it had done anything wrong. A federal agency affidavit unsealed this past November in a civil lawsuit reportedly stated that two Wal-Mart executives knew about the hiring of unauthorized cleaning crew workers.

Heres the story of the raid with even more infractions, according to Elliot and Mayock :
On Nov. 17, 2005, federal agents raided a Wal-Mart construction site in Pennsylvania, arresting 125 workers. This enforcement action followed a 2003 federal investigation of Wal-Mart's subcontracting practices, which resulted in Wal-Mart paying an $11 million settlement.
So wheres the enforcement agencies checking these guys out, why is it that they are the most active when there is a union organizing drive. Why is it that when ICE comes a calling when workers are fighting for their rights, but is very transparent when it comes to the underground construction industry? Where is the corporate responsibility? Why do you idiots continue to shop in Wal-Mart who reinvests our hard earned money into foreign lands? Wake up people this is important, to you and your family. I was just reading another article about Rhode Island importing nursing staff from India, why do we need to import workers if there is unemployment here?

We have people to do these jobs, why are we outsourcing for lower wages and conditions on our own soil? Why are we continuously adding to the slave underclass? Where is the public outrage? Why are we allowing employers to get away with crimes of such nature?

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Amazing work man ... keep this going, we are making people wake up.

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