Fox edits out Ron Paul in SC debate rebroadcast

watch closely at the "their way" slip by the moderator

Once again Big Media is making sure that you don't hear answers against their agenda. Here is a clip of Ron Paul's answer about his electability which was edited out, better yet Censored from the public, when rebroadcast by Fox News.

Seems there was a lot going on in this clip as pointed out by a comment at the Ft. Hard Knox blog, by user Paul C. Hanson, who commented:

Someone pointed something interesting out on the youtube website, in the comments section of a copy of this video. Carl Cameron stuck it to his boss Roger Ailment between 3 and 4 seconds into this video, knowing full well that it would be disected by the RP supporters. He says, just before “Do you have any Sir?” “their way.” Not only can you read it in his lips, but you can, if you listen very very closely, hear it.

I won’t go so far as to say he’s a closet supporter, but I will say this “mumble” as most would pass it off as, was a message. It was a message to us, the american people that he disagrees with what he was asked to do. He said he had to do it “their way.” He risked his job over it.

There is another video of Carl interviewing Ron where Carl asks Ron what he thought of Fox’s coverage of his campaign so for, or some such thing. Ron responds saying something like I just wish they’d be a little more fair and balanced. Carl then replies something to the effect of “Don’t we all…”

I’m not one to throw the baby out with the bathwater here and totally condemn Carl for asking this question. It will turn out to actually be one of the defining moments of the Ron Paul campaign.

Just sayin’

People like Ron Paul, who do not cower in the corner when attacked by ignorance and debate factually inspire me to continue this sites mission, the spreading of factual content. The more I see of Ron Paul's speaking, the more I like what he says. He doesn't preach fear, which both parties seem to rely on, he instills piece of mind. As Reverend Nicholas Genevieve- Tweed, a guest speaker in honor of MLK at tonights NYC Central Labor Council delegate meeting stated:
(not an exact quote, I must get it though it was very powerful and to the point)
"We cannot believe that a Democratic knight in shining armor, who is funded by the corporations can save the labor movement"

Ron Paul makes all the other fear mongers look like blithering idiots. Just like the puppet we have in office now. Why does Fox hate him? [CENSORED by]:::


Unknown said...

I've seen this several times, and I have to respond here.

He doesn't say "their way". As much as I love all you conspiracy nuts for the humor you guys add to things, and as much as I would love to see Faux News slammed for censoring Dr. Paul, it's quite obvious as someone who is quite good at reading lips and understands how things in the broadcast field work, that the man is counting "three-two-one" to instill a dramatic pause between the lead-in and the blatant attack to Dr. Paul's credibility. If you want to read in "set-up" you can casually discuss how the other candidates were likely briefed ahead of the debate that he would do so and he was giving them the cue that it was coming and they should laugh at the "bafoon" so they can make a great little 20 second clip when he breaks down.

Unfortunately for Faux, he didn't, whether it was a pre-ordained setup or just a set-up in general; and instead Dr. Paul used it as an opportunity to clean house. Is it any wonder they left it out of the rebroadcast?

I'm hoping I can find some kind of FCC ruling (since I can't find anything in the FEC laws) that would make for a nice lawsuit for Dr. Paul's official campaign to pursue. In the meantime, thanks for helping to spread the word on all this and keep the public informed.

Joe638NYC said...

Thanks for the comment a a wulf, unfortunately with so much Censoring of Paul, Kucinich, and the others, when I explain this to non-internet savvy people most of them don't even know who I'm talking about.

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