Big Media forcing candidates down our throat as biggest threat to workers and possibly our country gets ignored.

14 years and 2 days after the NAFTA agreement took affect we are at a juncture in this country. We have Big Media telling us that only their front runners have a chance to get elected into office, to the point that there is almost no mention of Dennis Kucinich or Ron Paul. Why would that be? In fact ABC and Fox are having Paul excluded from the New Hampshire GOP debate. But what do Paul and Kucinich have in common? Neither of them are members or have heavy ties to the Council Of Foreign Relations. Who? According to WorldNetDaily.com

" just discussion forums for movers and shakers, or, as critics have long alleged, secret societies shaping a new world order from behind the scenes. On that last point at least, no one could challenge the critics: All these groups operate in considerable secrecy, away from the scrutiny of the American public.

According to a variety of sources, the following presidential candidates are either members of one of the groups or have strong ties: Hillary Rodham Clinton, Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, John McCain, John Edwards, Fred Thompson, Joe Biden, Chris Dodd and Bill Richardson."

Well seeing that the CFR's newest campaign is the North American Union and the end of the sovereignty of the United States as we know it. Having people like Paul and Kucinich who have repeatedly called for a repeal of the illegal NAFTA agreement, and complete withdrawal from the WTO, one can only wonder why they are hidden from the main stream.

Is this all mumbo-jumbo conspiracy theorist jargon? You have to make up your own mind. But before you do take a look at how badly the media acts when someone threatens it's interests, in 1998 two award winning reporters in Florida were about to air a series of stories of the dangers of Bovine Growth Hormones (which winds up in the milk we feed our families) on Fox's local affiliate, pressure from the hormone maker Monsanto led Fox TV to fire the two reporters and sweep under the rug much of what they discovered but were never allowed to broadcast.

Doesn't anyone besides myself notice that the Teamsters defending our borders from Mexican domiciled trucks isn't on the front page of every newspaper, or that when 28,000 workers who were once misclassified become union members isn't the lead story, and in fact, not even mentioned on the mainstream media?

Please don't get me wrong here, I neither believe in everything Kucinich and Paul say, but getting rid of all these anti-American worker agreements would be a good start and I love pointing out what doesn't get mentioned in the Main Stream. I truly believe that we need more views from different political parties.

It's our world and only through the distribution of opposing idea's can we be individuals with all possibilities in front of us. Educate yourself, open your mind and have your own opinions, don't let Big Media do it for you. Where are we headed?

"My relationship to power and authority is that I'm all for it. People need somebody to watch over them. Ninety-five percent of the people in the world need to be told what to do and how to behave."- Arnold Schwarzenegger 1990

Alas, American Idol is starting up again, gotta go dumb myself down to tolerate the upcoming election and the choices they leave us with. Big kudos to Letterman and Worldwide Pants for supporting the Writers Guild strikers, now I hope the WGAE can settle their own labor dispute with their Newspaper Guild Of NY writers. Oh, and lo and behold, Mike Huckabee has decided to cross the picket on the Tonight show, wheres the story in that?

*noteworthy recent news articles our candidates should be more involved in

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*Some Sources

obviously YouTube and Google

BigLabor.com - what got me thinking about this

Democracy Now- Long video with Lou Dobbs interview - Worth the view

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Atrocity-Linked U.S. Officials Advising Democratic, GOP Presidential Frontrunners








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