Audio File of the week - Workers Independent News 1-25-08

this is the audio broadcast of these headlines
Win is a great resource of up to to date labor news, you should check 'em out and get an account if you want to listen daily, or find a station near you that broadcasts their show
What is WIN?

WIN producers gather news from labor unions and activists from across the country. WIN then packages the material for distribution to radio stations and for print publication.

Our producers and reporters come from a diverse background encompassing all fields of media journalism, from print to radio, video to the Web. We share one common goal: to create media that puts people over profits and empowers citizens to become journalists in their own right.

Media Outreach

WIN combines a traditional placement strategy with a grassroots mobilization program.

Placement starts through a direct "business to business" relationship between producers and radio stations. WIN also works with labor councils, local unions and community organizations to encourage placement in their respective localities.

In addition, WIN is well-connected with existing labor media projects, progressive grassroots radio programs and Independent Media Centers.
You can check out WIN Radio at Laborradio.org

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