Merry Wal-Mart Christmas- Kids come forward telling of horrendous work conditions in Chinese ornament sweatshop

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I really hate to bash such a wonderful company like Wal-Mart, considering how many union members still shop there and how vehemently so-called conservatives choose to claim that trying to unionize their stores is in some way Communistic and Marxist (silly todays catch phrase is terrorist if you want us to disappear), I really wouldn't want to offend anyone. Oh yea, the factory also supplies Target and other retailers, but hey what the heck, I'll go cliche and bash Wal-Mart, hell they deserve it.

Well considering how well they treat workers, um, I mean associates and their lobbying efforts against unions, homeland security, and efforts to reduce their tax burden off the backs of community members, not to mention the hidden taxpayer cost for subsidies and for their employees that need to turn to such social programs such as Medicaid, only really stupid people on either side, or obviously those making fortunes by their practices, would spend one slim dime in any of their locations.

Now heres the scoop, this past summer some kids in an effort to earn some extra dough decided to work in a factory that make Christmas ornaments, thats great news considering that China has work standards for children, but somehow not in "(one of the)three Christmas ornament producers in mainland China,”with “long term, friendly, collaborative relationships with industry leaders Wal-Mart…,but leave it to the babes to take the actions that the giant Wal-Mart should, and with lawsuits, strikes and camera phones they did, heres a tidbit of the story from www.nlcnet.org

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