CVS : Building with substandard wages and found guilty of youth violations in 6 states at 43 locations

CVS is the big box drug store, who's developer has been using nonunion workers with substandard wages here in New York, has been found violating wage and young worker provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act in 43 stores, out of only 63 investigated in six different northeast states.

The company routinely altered time cards, failed to pay wages for hours worked, allowed 78 minor employees to work in a hazardous environment and let 7 minors work longer hours than the law allows.

CVS, you get none of my hard earned wages.

The stores were in Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Pennsylvania. CVS will pay fines to the US Dept. Of Labor in the ammount of $215,378 for youth employment violations and $11,220 for wage violation. CVS will also pay more than $38,000 in back wages.

Think of how many of those stores just opened, can you imagine their view on working stiffs like the rest of us. CVS is no good to the working person. Shame on them.

Source for Child labor infractions - Mike Hall at AFL-CIO WebBlog

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