CA: Hoffa leads rally against Bush's insistence to let unsafe Mexican trucks roam freely on US soil


NAFTA ,which was signed under Clinton ,has a part of its body which was to allow trucks from Canada and Mexico unrestricted access to U.S. roads in 1995 ,the opposition of labor and safety groups had delayed that from happening ,that was until 2001 when a NAFTA tribunal ordered the US to open it's roads .In response the Bush administration said it would impliment a pilot program , which was found to violate US law regarding safety standards .

On Sept.8th. after a 1 week hold up in court ,the pilot program began ,it actually was slated to begin on Labor day of 2007 .On Sept.10th. 2 Mexican domiciled trucks had delivered their cargo of steel construction materials ,one in New York and another in South Carolina .On that same day in Mexico a truck carrying explosives exploded killing 37 and injuring 150 .In response the Senate and House voted overwhelmingly to ban funding for the pilot project .The Bush administration has stated it will veto any and all opposition to the funding .That leads us to todays rally .

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