NYC: Four Points by Sheraton Paying Poverty Wages / Using Taxpayers For Workers Healthcare

The Four Points By Sheraton on W.25 street which was built with oppressed undocumented workers and gained notoriety when fighting in the streets broke out during the construction stage , is back in the news again . the director of Chelsea Grand Hung Luk and John Lam (chairman Chelsea Grand and notorious nonunion developer) are out to screw the taxpayers again , by not giving their workers health insurance .

The workers at the Sheraton Four Points Chelsea are out with the rat , protesting managment's violations of the law which include threats , harassment , intimidation , surveillance and termination of union supporters .


John Lam is getting great attention lately in his bringing to the streets of New York an oppression of workers rights seen in most third world countries . While his developments continue to use unsafe contractors , undocumented , uninsured and unskilled workers , taxpayer monies , undermining labor laws and creating safety hazzards for their workers and the public a new schemes for profiting on taxpayers and the workers has come to my attention .

While the Sheraton Four Points Chelsea charges an average of $409 a night , they pay their workers poverty wages . Many of the workers who clean the rooms depend on Medicaid and Healthy Families First for themselves and their families .

Most NYC hotels provide free healthcare to their workers and families . The workers are out in the streets protesting management's violations of the law which include threats , harassment , intimidation , surveillance and termination of union supporters .

You too can show your support for the workers by calling Hung Luk , Executive Director of Chelsea Grand at 917-653-6688 and John Lam , Chairman of Chelsea Grand at 212-627-1888 and tell them to stop shifting their healthcare costs onto the taxpayers and to stop breaking the law .


Workers protesting outside of Four Points


Workers Handout

Alternative places to stay in the Downtown and Westside NYC area

(from back of handout)

Hotel Pennsylvania 7th. and w.32rd. st

Radisson Martinique 5th. and 32nd. st

Red Roof Inn 6 W 32nd. st

Comfort Inn 42 W 35th. st

Wolcot 4 W 31st. st

The New Yorker 8th. Ave and W 34th. st

Hotel Stanford 43 W 32nd. st

La Quints Manhattan 17 W 32nd. st

Affina Manhattan 7th. and W 30th. st

The Herrald Square Hotel 19 W 31st. st

Wingate Inn 233 W 35th. st

Bridgestreet Herald Towers - 50 W 34th. st - 1-800-696-8284 (no web page)

The Hotel Chelsea - W 23rd Street and 7th Ave

Holiday Inn Soho - 138 Lafayette St. and Canal St.

Washington Square Hotel 6th. ave and Macdougal St.

Info from previous stories and leaflet handed out by The New York Hotel And Motel trades Council , AFL-CIO - 707 8th. Ave., New York , NY 10036 - (212) 245-8100

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